Commission a Miniature


Over recent years our commission a miniature service has enabled a number of projects to become a reality, from 28mm Greek War of Independence to numerous 40mm Samurai to 28mm Franco Prussian War.


We are happy to sculpt the miniatures you have always wanted to see in the style, pose and scale you want it, using this service. Complete design control can be yours. Steve can sculpt in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 40mm scales. Larger projects and one off commissions are available as well.


The essence of this service is that we share the costs. You can choose the subject, the pose and details, and then Steve can sculpt it. Your name goes besides the miniature on all our integrated advertising. Making this an ideal gift. You receive a 20% discount on any miniatures you have commissioned. We undertake all the mold making and production costs in exchange for keeping full production and artistic rights to the miniature.


One person may commission a miniature or small groups. If you are interested in this idea, then email us and we can add your name to our database. Just state the ranges your interested in and the scale, and when we have two or more people interested in the same ideas then we will contact you, and your always hoped for miniature can become a reality!

 Contact us for full details……… 


We also take on full commissions for other companies and private collectors who wish to retain the rights. Contact us for further details on all our sculpting services.